Friday, June 24, 2011

Computer hell the past couple of days

It's been a couple of days of computer hell with computer constantly freezing up, crashing and then refusing to open; but finally got it running this morning - at least temporarily. I had to reinstall Itunes which somehow got messed up during all those crashes. I'll spend the day moving important data files and doing a lot of cleanup to free up some memory. I think it's overheating, which is the only way to explain why it suddenly opened enough overnight to allow me to hit F12 and let it start up.

Needless to say there's been no studio time - just time to harvest and clean my spinach and put meals on the table. In the meantime I'll keep Wimbledon in the background while I continue this cleanup and backup, make a spinach and strawberry salad for lunch and porch sit with friends tonight. If the computer behaves itself, I may get some studio time tomorrow.

Time to make the poppyseed dressing for the spinach salad.

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  1. I highly recommend dropbox to store your dsta. It's safe, can be accessed from any computer and frees up all that space on your computer.