Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cone 6 project

Finally finished all my cone 6 oxidation research - at least enough to make a good start. Steven Hill is making great work at cone 6 ox, using matte glazes as a base with the addition of ash and other accent glazes, using a firing down schedule. That schedule, the right choice of glazes and spray application of the glazes creates an intriguing, rich palette with great depth, that I think will work well with most of my forms.

I'll batch some of those glazes and fire them in a fire down schedule to allow crystal growth with the mattes. I'll also put some of mine and other cone 6 glazes which I've already tested in a conventional cone 6 firing, in the new, firing down schedule. So,there are lots of tests tiles and small test cups and glazes to batch in the coming weeks.

Now that I've got all my cone 6 information and notes together, I'll get an early start on tonight's dinner - rack of lamb, roasted garlic, rosemary potatoes and spinach salad, and chocolate granitas topped with whipped cream for dessert. Jim has already been down to the wine cellar and retrieved a Bremer family zinfandel - good choice for the lamb.


  1. are you putting a book together june??

  2. No book on the horizon - maybe when I'm done potting; but definitely not now.