Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Warren MacKenzie video

Here's a nice little video clip of Warren MacKenzie talking to visiting advanced ceramic students, about his time at the Leach Pottery.

This morning I mixed up some kiln wash and cleaned up the Olympic kiln and Jim helped me put all the rings back. Then I came in to check the Olympic pdf manual to make sure I was setting the shelves properly and that one little job took forever because my older Dell laptop, seems to be dying or is very sick. So I dropped everything and set about to see if I could back up the computer since it keeps freezing and needing rebooting if I try to do more than one thing with it. I'm also getting error messages telling me the destination back drive or device is not connected; and it is!!! AARGH

So, I've manually transferred all my documents and I guess I'm going to have to manually transfer photos, music and whatever else I can and then do a major diagnostic checkup or take it in for repair. Before I do that I need to check if it's still under warranty. So much for my intention of getting a full day in the studio.

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