Thursday, May 05, 2011

kiln plumbing

After reading my problem of not being able to get some of those plumbing parts off the Olympic kiln, John Britt, called and volunteered to come over to help. This knight in shining armor came in a car armed with some big wrenches and the strength to get them to work. We couldn't get one bell shaped piece to move, and decided to leave it, which meant that the extra length of the pipe holding the water column gauge, made it necessary to make another trip to the plumbing supply store in Spruce Pine to get a longer piece of the copper tubing and new fittings to connect the pilot burner.

Yesterday was another, super busy day - spending all morning on planting seeds in peat pots, planting the rest of the pansies and some kale, doing more weeding, dealing with the kiln plumbing, then having to move all tender veggie starts indoors and cover some already planted lettuce because of the expected freeze. At around 6 am this we were at about a bare 32F degrees; but looks like we got very lucky this time.

The new backup fridge is being delivered early, so I need to empty part of the old one and clear space in the studio for it. Once it warms up in the afternoon I need to get the tines back on the rototiller and till the last 2 terraces and the knoll next to my gallery.

A month ago I felt a bit more than overwhelmed with all the garden work ahead; but I'm now feeling on top of it all and think, weather permitting, I'll be able to get the planting and cleanup finished before or soon after the spring TRAC tour.

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