Saturday, May 07, 2011

Michael Kline pot

Here's one of Michael Kline's wonderful wood fired pots with some rhododendron I cut this morning. Michael and his wife Stacey Lane have a 6pm opening at the Crimson Laurel Gallery here in Bakersville, NC tonight. The show will feature some of Michael's new porcelain and other pieces and Stacey's jewelry. Here's a link where you can preview the show:

Not sure how this day is going to shape up. I'm still feeling fluish; but I managed to get all the older seedlings back on the front porch, and once it warms up a bit more I'd like to transplant some of the paste tomatoes into big pots and get some of the larger, heirloom and other tomatoes planted on the knoll near my gallery.

A single cosmos seedling from the various flowers and veggies I planted just a couple of days ago has sprouted. I guess wrapping some of the peat pots in towels made for ideal, warm conditions.

John Britt may be coming over at some point to deliver the bees and get them into the hive and get the new plumbing on the Olympic kiln. I doubt if I'll get any studio time today but with possible rain forecast starting tonight and continuing every day this week, that will give me plenty of time for the studio.

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