Sunday, May 01, 2011

Garden shots

A couple of garden shots from this morning. Everything is waking up very nicely. The first rose bloomed yesterday - a bright red heirloom; and it looks like more roses will be blooming this week. The rhododendrons are now opening, and various irises and the aquilegia are blooming.

It's been a busy couple of days with everything but hands on studio work. With friends coming for porch sitting last night I spent the morning getting the house and porch company ready, caught up with some paper work, followed by a few of hours in the garden before getting all the porch sitting food ready. The only studio related thing I got to do was reformulate a turquoise glaze.

The garden continues to strongly call at the moment so I'll concentrate on that for today. Some not quite leather hard pots are under plastic and will be fine for another day or two.

We bought a new backup refrigerator which will be arriving later this week, and the old one is going into the studio to be used as a drying cupboard for freshly thrown pots. It will be so nice not to have to deal with all these piles of plastic any more.

This morning my friend Laura is coming over to dig up some of my extra plants. Then I'll be off to Lowes for a new, sturdy trellis for one of my other climbing roses which is now flopping over and shrouding it's perennial neighbors. The current trellis literally fell apart after only two years. This afternoon I need to weed and mulch the already planted vegetable terraces. I doubt if there will be time to do anything more; but if there is, there's a bush cherry and some veggie starts ready to transplant.

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