Friday, April 29, 2011

Asheville day

Before heading to Asheville for the Herb Fest and some grocery shopping, we watched the Royal wedding - very impressive; and of course everyone looked beautiful. The Brits definitely know how to do ceremony very well!

We had a lot shopping stops in Asheville, so I didn't linger too long at Herb Fest - just focused on what I was really searching for - French Tarragon and some unique pepper plants; but I found a few other goodies like pineapple sage, lemon grass, two types of nice sized Brandywine tomatoes that are already in flower, and a six pack of various swiss chard varieties. Herb fest is a once a year event near the Farmers Market and is always a fun event with wonderful selections of culinary and medicinal herbs from around the world,vegetable starters, hand made soaps, trees, vines, etc. Now I have to find time to plant them. Tomorrow I need a half day in the studio and the other half preparing for porch sitting with friends, so Sunday will be the first opportunity to get some things planted.

It's going down to the 30's tonight, so I'm heading to the porch to bring in the basil and pepper seedlings for the night and cover the rest with remay.

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