Friday, April 22, 2011

April showers

Here's a quickly taken shot of one of the, small, oval bottles from this firing - once of the pots that came through the firing unscathed.

Yesterday was spent checking the pots and spending a lot of time grinding off the soda that crawled up the feet of way too many pots. Many are a total loss and will stay in the studio as pencil holders!

I had to stop work early enough to plant the two big flower pots in front of the studio, and then drive to Spruce Pine to TRAC before they closed. After a couple of other stops, we had a lovely shrimp dinner at the Knife and Fork which now has a good supplier for local seafood. Before heading home there was a last minute food shopping for Easter Sunday's dinner.

This morning I called Olympic to order replacement parts for the small cone 10 gas kiln I use for soda tests and re-fires. Some of the pots from this firing need to be re-fired but can't be done it until I get a new baso valve, water column gauge and low pressure regulator installed. The other chore of the morning was checking the test tiles from the firing and noting the results.

Since I can't get any gardening in with showers forecast all day, I might just throw some replacement pots that I can soda fire in the small kiln next month. Time to get to work.

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