Friday, April 08, 2011

last pots bisqued and unloaded

Unloaded the last pots from the bisque kiln this morning and will be glazing later. First I need to see about ordering the new low pressure regulator and baso valve for the Olympic gas kiln which I use for tests and re-fires.

Yesterday was a super busy day cleaning out the clay mixer, mixing up some wadding and mudding mix for the kiln, doing some studio tidying and filing and then 4 hours in the garden. I got one bed planted with broccoli, broccolini and cabbage, planted a grape vine and spent the rest of time on weeding and other garden cleanup. With the early warmth, the garden is really coming alive. Even the peonies are coming up, the hydrangeas are ready to come into leaf and I saw the first volunteer potato which was a good reminder that I still haven't planted my potatoes. That job will have to wait till Sunday or Monday.