Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glaze testing and potato planting day

Moving slowly after a sourdough pancake breakfast, and a bit early dinner prep for tonight's Chicken Canzanese. The propane people just left after topping off the tank and I'm waiting for a friend to come with a truckload of straw that I'll be using to mulch my vegetable beds.

It's cooler than it was a few days ago, so I'm going to head to the studio for a couple of hours and batch up some test glazes and then get in some garden time early afternoon to plant some potatoes.

My friend Shane is coming by around 6 o'clock to do some work on the kiln ports and tighten up the bag wall, so I'll be able to load my pots tomorrow which should go faster than usual since I already wadded them. That will give me an unusual day or rest after loading and before firing. Shane will be loading his pots Friday and we'll be firing Saturday. It's all good.

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