Thursday, April 21, 2011

A couple of racers from this firing

A couple of quick photos of 2 of my favorite pots from this firing.
The hastily taken pictures don't show the depth of color on this platter and plate. Once I get the rest of the pots cleaned up (today's chore) I'll have to take some decent photos.
We had some shopping to do in the morning and after we got back from Spruce Pine I unloaded the kiln. There was a lot of plunking, which I call "snot" on the feet, from too much soda/salt. I think it was the extra salt that did it because I've used as much or more soda and never got that on the pots; or maybe I was too stingy with the alumina on the shelves. The draw rings looked right, so it was a surprise to see all that gunk on the feet of so many pots.

If the rain stays away till mid afternoon, I've got some dahlia bulbs and lettuce starts to plant, and maybe make one more feeble attempt to look for morels which seem to be living elsewhere in the county this year. Otherwise I'll stay in the studio until it's time to get ready for a nice dinner at the Knife and Fork.