Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soda kiln door unbricked

I checked the kiln after planting three rows potatoes, and some weeding and garden cleanup. The kiln was cooled down enough and since I had a little time and energy after all the garden work, I decided to at least un-brick the door.

Shanes glazed pots look very good with some nice crystals on some of the turquoise oribe. There are only a few of my small re-fires on that front portion because I loaded my pots first and they're on the back and middle layer, I won't get to see them till tomorrow when I unload. I'm just too sore and tired after all the heavy garden work to do anything more than type and watch some TV tonight.

Looks like I could have used a bit less soda/salt and/or maybe a bit more alumina on the shelves because some of the pots have that "snotty" stuff crawling up the base of some of the pots which I haven't had happen since using the alumina on the shelves.

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