Sunday, April 17, 2011

What not to leave in the kiln room

The heat from the cooling kiln did an interesting thing to this 6 pack of ginger ale. It gives new meaning to the term "pop open can".

The kiln is cooling (down to 1100F). Yesterday's firing ended at a reasonable hour for a change thanks to friend Shane coming over at midnight to turn a couple of burners on low and me, turning it up again at 5am. We shut down around 6:45. I'll be using that schedule in the future, except, I'll start even earlier.

This crossdraft is still not firings as evenly as I'd like, so I'm going to open up the lower part of bag wall a bit more for the next firing.

Today is my post firing vegg out day with the Sunday papers, a marathon of "The Tudors" to watch on the BBC, and some ceramic magazines and other snail mail to read.


  1. Yikes, scary I keep a fan going in my kiln room (garage) and the door open, but there are other types of cans under pressure in there, I might be looking at that more closely.

  2. Good point Linda! I usually leave the door from the kiln room to the studio open, but forgot last night. The kiln room is also does double duty as a garage, so the garage door is open now and everything the kiln is cooling nicely without cooking anything but the pots.