Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kiln humming along nicely

The kiln is slowly rising(around 2100F at the moment.

Shane loaded his pots last night and we not only got all our pots in, but there was a bit of room for a few of my re-fires.

I called it a nigh at ten o'clock, and Shane came back at midnight to turn a couple of burners on low and I took over at 5am. Shane will be back for dinner at 5 (Jim is getting us some Kentucky Fried chicken and cole slaw and I made potato salad yesterday)and we'll finish the firing together. It looks like dinner may be happening about the time I may be ready to start spraying the soda solution.

I think this schedule of candling a few hours, then turning two of the burners on low before bedtime, is going to make for an easier, earlier firing. It will be nice to be in bed before midnight on firing day.

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