Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's blooming

The first Irises and lilacs and some other shrubs have been blooming for several days; and the June and ever bearing strawberries I planted last month are also in flower. Volunteer johnny jump ups and tomato and morning glory seedlings seem to be everywhere!

Yesterday, I cut more asparagus and had enough for last nights dinner(cooked asparagus piled high on toast, topped with chopped hard boiled eggs and bacon pieces and covered in lemon butter.)

I've been up since 3am thanks to a headache interrupting my sleep. Since I couldn't get back to sleep I decided to spend part of the wee hours catching up with some email and snail mail. Studio time was not an option the way I felt so after the light, morning rain passed, I thought a few minutes in the garden might perk me up. Two hours later I have a tidier garden, with freshly planted pansies,and a few lemon yellow dahlias, some pruned roses and vines and a couple of huge piles of weeds and garden debris for Jim to discard in the woods. Now I'm going to get in a reclining position and hope I can manage to nap for a bit.

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