Monday, April 04, 2011

Short studio update

I need one more day to finish decorating the last few pots from the latest bisque. I've got another bisque ready to go as soon as some of the pots finish drying.

My friend Shane came over yesterday afternoon, and put the new safety on the soda kiln and checked out the small Olympic gas kiln. Seems it had the wrong regulator, which ruined the safety. So now I need a new regulator and a new safety. That's the second safety valve I've had to replace this month. :-(


  1. June, are you using a Torchbearer gas kiln? Is it a pain or do you recommend?

  2. I only fired this twice - a bisque and a soda firing. I think you could do just a well building a small updraft kiln by just dry stacking insulating firebrick and using one good burner coming in horizontally from the base, with a target brick in the base to help disperse the flame.
    I had the wrong regulator on it which killed the safety, so I won't know how well it works till I get that fixed, because the kiln kept shutting off during the soda firing, because of the mismatch of the regular and the safety valve I've heard others complain that they have a hard time getting it to go to cone 10. Since I was converting it for soda/salt firing, I sprayed the interior with ITC100 and put some fiber on the bottom, which will hopefully help it get to cone 10.
    I got a good deal on it from someone who bought it, but was afraid to fire it and I thought it would come in handy for tests and re-fires.