Monday, May 02, 2011

Pizza margarita night

Yesterday morning was spent driving to Banner Elk to get some plants at Lowes, then back home to do some weeding and get the bean A frames and tomato cages out of the shed.

Then it was time for lunch, followed by early dinner prep - made the pizza dough and got the toppings prepped. I don't know why, but after that, I was extremely tired, and wound up napping for over an hour; and I'm not a daily napper. During that long nap, the pizza dough tripled on its first rise; butit had no trouble rising again and turned out fine. Good thing to learn.

After breakfast I'm going to see if I can remove the old regulator and solenoid valve on the small Olympic kiln and install the new parts. There was no time for the studio yesterday, nor enough time to get the weeding and mulching done on the already planted terraces, so I'll continue that job right after lunch, then make the bolognese sauce for tonight's pasta dinner.

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  1. Great Looking Pizza! Don't feel bad, I think everyone I know napped yesterday. Our little girl took a LONG midday nap as did we . . . and I enjoyed it so since we spent the previous day at the zoo all day. I still LOVE visiting and drooling over your cooking... makes me jealous and hungry! haha