Friday, May 06, 2011

Pricing and delivery

This morning I was definitely under the weather,but after breakfast and a handful, of vitamins and minerals, I perked up enough to tend my seedling, and then found my way to the studio and got all the recently fired pots measured, priced and set up in in the gallery.

The old fridge is now in the studio and almost ready for do it's new job as a pot drying cabinet.

After pot pricing and placement,it was time to pack up the two pots for the TRAC tour exhibit and drive to Spruce Pine to deliver them. Dinner at the Tin Lizard followed and by then I was ready for nothing more than relaxing evening at home with some wine and a favorite, old movie "Love Actually". And if I'm a lucky girl, (I usually am), there will be a lovely foot rub to go with the movie. :-)

Life is good even on the not so good days!

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