Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden chores morning

Mother's day was a mixture of morning vegging out in my PJ's and an afternoon of cleaning up and planting some big containers. I got all the big containers prepped and transplanted 6 plum tomatoes in them and saved the biggest container for an egpplant that I planted yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was an out and about day - osteo treatment, lunch out, some pickup grocery shopping and a quick Walmart stop for some more potting mix and a couple of veggie starts and a new Peace rose to replace one of the roses that died this winter. I was wiped after the osteo and shopping and didn't get around to weeding and mulching the strawberry bed and knoll, so I'll try to get that done later this morning before the expected isolated thunderstorms arrive early afternoon. I still have whatever bug/allergies/cold hanging on which is probably also accounting for my low energy and scratchy throat at the moment.

Many of the seeds I planted just a few days ago have sprouted, so they're getting moved to the front porch this morning. None of the South American peppers or the one New Mexican pepper have sprouted yet even though I warmly wrapped the pots to get them a bit warmer than our 72degree room temperature. Other peppers I started came up fine last month without the added protection, so I'm starting to think that maybe I was sold some old seed. :-(

Time to chug down a bunch of vitamins and start moving seedlings to the their new temporary home on the front porch.

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