Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roses blooming

The garden is a bit bedraggled this morning from the heavy thunder storms last night and this morning; but I managed to get a couple of nice shots once the sun came out. Here's one of my favorite heirloom roses. Luckily, we escaped any heavy damage from the storm.

I need a day off - at least from the heavy donkey, digging, lifting, planting work I've been doing, to give myself time to get over this cold and scratchy throat. So, early morning was pretty restful. I started to clean up my Itunes files, and dealt with seeds and seedlings. Some of my heat loving seeds are refusing to sprout, so I hauled out a heat pad, set it on low and hopefully the bottom heat will remind them to wake up!

Yesterday was an all gardening day. I finished planting the knoll next to my gallery with some frying peppers and basil; and I found room for two more tomato plants. I weeded most of the strawberries on the knoll and mulched everything but the strawberries with straw which I'll mulch with pine needles when I'm done with the weeding. I also got a few more buckets cleaned out and planted some bells peppers in them.

Some strawberries are starting to ripen already, and it looks like some of the peonies will be open by the end of today. All of the knock out roses as well as many others, including three of the climbers, are blooming. The garden is full of of color now with so many perennials in bloom.

Time too cool off, have some lunch, and continue on cleaning up photo files and music files. My new Ipod touch is en-route to our local Walmart, so I need to get this cleanup done pronto!

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  1. Can't wait for mine to bud up!! Thanks! Gonna be awhile up here in Ohio.......... just cut back the dead canes two weeks ago. But the peas and lettuce are coming on strong :)