Friday, October 07, 2011

Spruce Pine Potters Market tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Spruce Pine Potters Market and if you are in the area, it's definitely a must visit - great potters, beautiful and varied work and incredible weather at the moment.

We just got back from a lovely drive to Banner Elk - had lunch,did some grocery shopping, and checked out a new gallery and a local country store.It was a lovely surprise to see how much fall color they already have.

My lunch, a meatball hero, was huge (couldn't even finish half of it), so Bodhi got some and I brought the other half home for dinner - same with Jim and his steak hero. It's just as well I don't have to cook tonight. I'm deliciously tired from the lovely drive and shopping.

The past two days I've gotten almost no studio time - still not feeling 100%, so I opted to spend most of my time sketching pot ideas, cooking and doing computer cleanup and some glaze chemistry. I'm in the process of making lists of what cone 6 glazes I want to test in the December wood/soda firing in the pallet kiln at the Energy Exchange. I have a lot more glaze chemistry to do to try to get some 6 versions of some glazes I'm using in my cone 10-12 firings. Most of the current bisque and ready to bisque pots are for the cone 10 soda firing but I still need about two full studio days to get this latest group slipped and decorated. This flu type bug has set me back two weeks so far, in my planned mid October firing date, which now looks more like it will be late October or early November. Fortunately, the only deadline I've had is of my own making - which is how I like it!

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