Saturday, October 22, 2011

Potters of Japan video

This Part 1 video of Potters of Japan has been generously shared on you tube. Enjoy!

We got a freeze last night and the garden looks pretty sad this morning. I'm not sure if the remay and towel coverings on some of my peppers plants saved them. After tonight, the rest of the week will be above freezing, so I'm hoping that will be enough to ripen some more of these peppers. If they survive these two freezing nights, I might dig up one or two of them and bring them indoors.

I changed my studio plan yesterday. Instead, I covered plants, harvested all the veggies I could and did some weeding. After that I was wiped and decided to spend time on glaze chemistry before going to friends for a lovely shrimp dinner. This darned virus thing is on another re-run since yesterday so I'll try to get some studio time after breakfast if these chills go away and I perk up. Otherwise, I'll just work on this paper pile and glaze project.

I've been going through my glaze recipe books this week and making notes on C6 glazes to batch and test; and re-calculating some cone 10 recipes to try to get them to work at cone 6. It's a big project and one I want to and need to do, if I'm serious about changing to cone 6 soda in the future.

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