Sunday, October 23, 2011

Potters of Japan part 2 video

Going to enjoy a lazy morning catching up with a bunch of magazines, then afternoon brunch with visiting relatives and back to lazy mode for the evening. In between I'll be popping a lot of vitamin C, immune system boosters, and anti cold/flu concoctions to relieve these symptoms. Three weeks dealing with this bug is enough!

I've been using this down time to do a lot of studio paperwork, sketching, etc. Yesterday I went through the first cone 6 soda test tiles and made followup notes. Almost every one of the flashing slips was too dry as is, so all will need tweaking before another cone 6 test firing. Changing the soda mix and instead of using all soda ash, replacing all or part of it with sodium bicarb with an addition of borax might help to flux these flashing slips without too much alteration.

The best flashing slip out of about eight or more, in that firing, was Randy's, which has some high iron fireclay and I think that iron helped with the fluxing because a 70 grolleg, 30 N.Sy. slip was dryer than the Randys, which has less Neph Sy. So I'm thinking some of these may not just need the Neph Sy upped, but may need some soda ash and/or borax additions as well.

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