Saturday, October 29, 2011

Party time

This morning, our son Sean grabbed a bunch of my best pots out of the gallery to ship to his Oregon house. The shelves are looking a bit bare right now so I'm going to have to get in a lot of full studio days next week and get that last load of bisque fired and batch some more of my liner glazes which are all very low. Now that I'm over that 3 week plus virus, I have a lot of catching up to do.

After last nights wonderful dinner, with great wines, I had no trouble going to sleep. I found out that I can't finish a 3 lb lobster by myself, even when I only have salad to go with it; but Jim and Sean had no trouble finishing theirs and mine.

Although I had no trouble going to sleep, I had trouble staying asleep and have been up since a little past 3am, so I've been getting a good head start on preparations for tonight's party.

The dining room table is set and the living room is company ready, so I have very little to do the rest of the day other than making some toasted bread rounds for the pate and reheating the clam chowder that Sean had sent along with the lobsters. Our friend Jim is contributing the pork butt and the fixings for the sliders, and my Jim is in charge of the wine and acting as my "go for" person.

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