Friday, October 28, 2011

Lobster fest tonight

After doing some seeds saving after breakfast yesterday, I got a bit of studio time finishing a small group of pots and then spent a lot of time at the sink washing clay bags and other things, and sorting through some paper work. After thatI got in some good garden cleanup time and harvested the last French pumpkin which I gave to Nate and Wendy at the Knife and Fork where we had another lovely dinner. My pork chop was unbelievably good! After dinner, we topped off the days activities with some weekend food shopping.

This morning will be spent cooking. I need to bake bread and make a pate for tomorrow's indoor porch sitting with family and friends.Our son Sean is flying in from California for the weekend, and he's having Maine lobsters and chowder shipped in (he already sent the wine), so we are going to dine royally tonight! All I have to do is make a salad and cook the lobster and re-heat the chowder.

I'm not planning any studio time today because once the morning cooking is done, I still have a lot of little household chores on the agenda to get the house company ready.

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  1. lobster... what a nice treat when you live in North Carolina. I do miss being able to buy them occasionally... the cost is just way to much here in the south!