Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bucatini all' Amatriciana

Yesterday was the first full day of activity I've had in a couple of weeks. In the morning I baked bread, then got about 5 hours of studio time finishing, cleaning up and slipping a few pots, and starting a new shelf of pots in the bisque kiln. I quit around 3 to feed kitty and start dinner and good thing I did.

I was going to try a new Lidia Bastianich recipe and after soaking hot peppers overnight and getting them pureed, grating and toasting bread crumbs, and starting the simple sauce, I realized that this would not be a dish we'd enjoy. We love hot, spicy foods, but 3T of hot pepper puree with just some oil,garlic, and toasted, fresh bread crumbs to complete the sauce would have probably burned our insides. I tested it with just 1T of the puree and that was too hot! So I quickly changed course and found another bucatini pasta dish and basically made that one and added the toasted bread crumbs from the Bastianich recipe. It was a hit!

Jim said, "I hope you remember what you did". Basically I used the second recipe with just the addition of the bread crumbs, omitting the pepperonici flakes and instead, adding enough of that pepperonici paste to get it to the level of heat we'd be able to tolerate. I'll put the recipe on my cooking blog:
www.plant harvest

This morning I have someone coming to cut down some saplings which are encroaching on my grape arbor and vegetable terraces and a couple of other places, then it will be back to the studio to finish slipping the last few pots and hopefully I'll be able to start decorating. I'll probably work till around 3:30 or 4 then come in to start dinner which is going to be a simple roasted pork loin, roasted garlic rosemary potatoes,green beans and apple sauce. Our apple trees were a bust this year otherwise I'd be making some spiced cooked apples to go with this.

Right now it's time for breakfast - kielbasa and fresh apple cake (thanks to Saylor's, our local apple orchard).

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