Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aji Cito peppers

Yesterday was a pretty full studio day. I quit around four thirty and took a few minutes to pick more of the hot peppers. These Peruvian aji cito chilies are still green but hopefully useable at this stage. Two are starting to turn yellow, so I'm hoping to save the seeds. The plants will remain covered and hopefully survive the colder weather and freezing nights this weekend; but I will put some heavier weight remay on them tomorrow.

Since today is the last good weather before rain and freezing nights this weekend, I need to plant a few things and dig up one of the aji lemonade pepper plants which is loaded with unripened peppers. It will be joining the other potted pepper plants in the studio.

A large Indian blend food order arrived yesterday and now that I have the fresh turmeric I'll be making one of the S.E. Asian recipes from that new cookbook - Kyet-Tha Khauk-Swe-Byoke (another Burmese dish I can't pronounce!). It's a spicy chicken, noodle dish with coconut milk, fish sauce, shallots, etc.I hope we love this one as much as the Burmese pork recipe I made last week. I'll get a lot of the prep done this morning and that may allow me to get a bit of studio time after planting.

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