Sunday, October 30, 2011

Partying weekend coming to a close

Tonight or tomorrow morning I need to pack up these pots and ship them to Oregon. Now I'll have make some more of the larger bowls during the next throwing cycle.

Last night's party was a great hit and the weekend partying has ended with a lovely brunch with our son Sean at the Knife and Fork. Sean is now on his way back to California, the house is post party cleaned and tidied and my focus is already on what I need to do in the studio; but first I have to plant a magnolia bush/small tree to replace the dead Redbud tree which Sean dug out for me yesterday, and then I can get a couple of hours of studio time before dinner, which is going to be super easy with leftovers - pate, chowder and a fresh salad.


  1. LOL! I guess I'm like a quarter horse - run hard and fast for short distances. :-)