Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hsin-Chuin-Lin video

This squaring and paddling is similar to what I have to do this morning to finish one of my small squared jars. Frankly, if I had to spend as much time on my jars, as he does on his, I'd either skip making them or make a mold of a master and cast the rest.

There was no studio time yesterday because I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon In Asheville, about my hip. The bad news is that the hip is going to need replacement; but the good news is that there's a new procedure which reduces healing time from 12 weeks to 5. This new technique doesn't have the post operative activity limitations as the old one either. So I'll probably be having this done sometime in February or early March, and be fully healed time for spring planting.

I made a few other stops, first to the Asian grocery store, then on to lunch at the seafood store/restaurant. I bought some sea bass fillets that I'm going to use for a Burmese dish Ngar-asat-kyaw. It's crispy fried, turmeric coated and marinated fish with crispy chili, garlic and shallots. I'll get the dish's veggies and some garden beans prepped done breakfast so I can work in the studio till 4:30. After a Wally world stop for some pick up groceries, we headed home just in time for me to cook a couple of healthy hot dogs for a light, quick dinner, and crash for the night.

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  1. My brother just had hip replacement surgery last month. They got him right up on his feet and he is doing great now, and rid of the pain that plagued him for years. He's glad he did it. Good luck!