Monday, February 28, 2011

Filing sketches

I retrieved all my recent, un-filed sketches on little scraps of paper and I'm going to go through them and file some in my permanent notebook and put those that I want to try soon, in an envelope. There's a series of garden shows on PBS now, so I'll watch/listen to those while I go through these sketches.

Jim and I are both hobbling around - me because of the good hip gone downhill way too fast, and Jim with a badly pulled sacroiliac. Most intense flu symptoms are gone so I've just been letting it run it's course and keeping busy with easier tasks like cooking, paperwork, houseplant and seedling care and light garden cleanup when the weather permits.

I spent the past two days in vain, and wasting flour as well, trying to resuscitate two of my old sour dough starters that got pushed to the back of the fridge. So, another job for today or tomorrow is to find my reserve packet of dried San Francisco sourdough starter and get that started. I found a nice on line, baking forum and that and another newly ordered artisan baking book have inspired me to get back to some sourdough baking

This morning I ordered a set of saw horses from Harbor Freight. I've decided to wait till they arrive before I sand my kiln shelves. Sitting on the paved driveway or studio or kiln room concrete floor is just too hard on these old deteriorated hips and knees; and the sawhorses will make that a much more comfortable job. I don't know why I've waited this long to purchase them. The good part of potting in my 70's is that I've finally learned to do things in their own time as well as my own optimum time.

We had a big roast duck dinner last night big roast duck dinner last night and a big breakfast this morning, so tonight's dinner will be some lighter fare - a simple pasta with a Putanesca sauce that I took out of the freezer this morning. Well, that's it for this balmy, rainy day in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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