Sunday, February 06, 2011

John Britt video on making screw tops.

I purchased these molds from Axners a while back and they're sitting on my slab roller table waiting to try.

This morning I slept in and the freshly thrown pot I left on the wheel, waiting to be worked on this morning, dried too much overnight even with the studio heat turned down. Fortunately it was just a cylinder that I was going to square off this morning, so I'll throw another one before I continue slipping and decorating. I want to get the rest of this white stoneware out of the pug mill so I can start on the Phoenix which I want to use for some slab work.

My laptop wireless is working great in the studio and I used it to listen to some archived Coast to Coast talk shows which come on too late at night for me to stay awake. First I had to spend a half hour or more trying to find out why the sound didn't work; but the settings somehow got messed up. Computers often change things without any human input. Sometimes I think they're haunted! :-(

Time to head to the studio for the day. Jim's been making me a little lunch plate (some grapes, almonds and a small piece of cheese)so I can work straight through. For Super Bowl Sunday, at Jim's request, I'm making nachos and margaritas. Jim's rooting for the underdogs, the Green Bay Packers. He says he likes the quarterback, whoever that is! I usually only watch the commercials or when Jim urges me to watch some great play. I'm not a big fan of sports where the player may be taken off the field or ring in a stretcher, much more preferring to watch tennis, golf, track, etc. Saying that, I do enjoy the enthusiasm and celebratory rituals of the Super Bowl.


  1. Thanks for the video on the Axner mold. I've been thinking about screw-tops ever since seeing a 17th or 18th century bottle in Germany that had a screw-top and lid. Does the mold come with a reverse in order to make a lid/cap to match it? I didn't see that on the Axner site and wondered if you had looked into that.

  2. June, recently I got an internet radio and love it. It gets Pandora as well as something like 15,000 stations. Podcasts, too. All it takes is a wireless connection. It's really great.

  3. Brenda, I haven't tried mine yet. It only comes as one piece, so I'm thinking that maybe your just reverse the molded piece and put a cap on it.

  4. Lee, do you have a URL for that Internet radio? I signed up for Pandora a while ago but at a try and a glance it didn't seem to fit the bill. Maybe I need to give it another look.

  5. June, here's the one I have. I bought it through, but it's available through Amazon, too, I think. Mine is black, but it's this model.

    I don't have the Sirius service but may get it at some point. I have the radio set to all the local radio stations, I'm used to, but mainly I listen to my personal channels on Pandora.