Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pizza night after a day in the studio

I had a full studio day and came in to get the pizza made around 5.

Today I got the bisque kiln about 90% loaded, and dipped and decorated a few more pots. I should finish decorating the last few pots in the morning, and will load and fire once they're dry which I'm hoping, will be by Tuesday.


  1. Nice looking pizza, good luck with your firing!

  2. I'm not sure but it looks like the colors of the pizza provide inspiration for the color of your glazes. ;)

  3. Nine times out of ten,I follow this blog just to see what you had for supper!! These thick crust pizzas ALWAYS look so delectable. I can't get a pizza crust to look that good... What's your secret? I'm still a novice cooker and trying to find some good recipes for home.

  4. Hi June,


    This looks like great dough and I made some pizzas a week or so ago and they were a big hit, but they were with dough from one of our pizzerias in town, and I felt like the dough was OK, but not spectacular. Would you share how you make dough? John

  5. Todd Schuster2/13/11, 8:52 AM

    June, that pizza looks scrumptious. Looks like there are peppers in it. Whatever it is, it looks great. Hang in there guys warmer weather is right around the corner. It's been a winter from hell, so I'm looking forward to the warmer weather next week. Pitchers & catchers reporting this week. Think spring folks. Hope you & big Jim enjoy Valentine's day. Be well

  6. This is not a thick crust pizza. Only the outer edges puff up nicely. I used Ron Slagle's recipe. You can find it on his blog. Ron spent a long time of trial and error to get this crust just right. This URL should take you right to the page with the recipe and instructions. I find that measuring the flour precisely is what gives best results. Don't compress the flour in the measuring cup, just put it in with a scoop, then level it with the straight edge of a knife. That will give you the wet dough that Ron's recommends.

  7. PS: Using the previous link, scroll down the blog pages to the pizza recipe which is dated April 12, 2009.