Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taco recipe

Managed to get a little studio time doing piddly things like going through 4 boxes of soda/salt test tiles without finding the one tile I was looking for, so I'll continue that search this morning. The last plate was trimmed and waxed and is waiting to get slipped. Other than going through one of my glaze recipe books and making notes, those were my only studio chores yesterday. Other than cooking, the rest of the day was spent on computer cleanup. I put my Etsy shop in vacation mode until spring freeing up time for other things until I can redo the site with better quality photos and new pots.

This morning I need to make up a batch of Helmer flashing slip, and get that last plate dipped and dried so I can fire the bisque kiln tomorrow. If it warms up enough, and I feel up to it, I'd like to get my kiln shelves sanded outside. This flu bug is hanging on a bit, so I'm trying not to overdo it till it's out of my system. This is a busy time of year with gardening chores and getting ready for a firing so I'm being careful about pacing myself.

The basil seeds and poppy seeds have sprouted and I need to separate some of those poppy seeds into smaller, individual pots this morning. Poppy plants don't like transplanting so I need to get to them early.

Last night we planned on having the tacos and margaritas but the taco shells were a bit stale, so I wound up serving deconstructed tacos on taco chips, which were a little messier to eat but just as delicious. Jim was in taco heaven and wiped the pot clean! Last night tacos were made with vegetarian ground round. Here's my recipe:

Line about a 10-12" saute pan with some extra virgin olive oil. Heat to medium high and add either a package of vegetarian ground round, or a pound of ground chuck. Break up the meat into very small, crumbly pieces and when it starts to brown a bit, add 1/2 of a medium to large, diced onion, cook about 5 minutes, stirring often, then add 1 large clove of minced garlic. Lower heat to medium, toss and cook another minute and then add some Open Pit Barbecue sauce (enough to coat the ground ground or meat well)(this is the best flavor. I've tried others, but none work as well as this one). Add salt to taste and let this simmer for several minutes and it's done.
To assemble tacos, put some of the mixture in the taco; but don't overfill. Then add some diced fresh tomato, about a teaspoon or more of taco sauce, some grated cheddar, and top with shredded lettuce. PS: If you don't have taco sauce, you can use some salsa instead.

Enjoy tacos with a margarita or what I call a slurpie. A slurpie is just some juice like mango, or a tropical juice mix (You can buy this in the cold juice section of your grocery store), thrown in the blender with crushed ice. It's like a non alcoholic frozen margarita. It doesn't work with all juices.


  1. What is vegetarian ground round? Sounds intriguing... We often have taco meat salads instead of in the shells.

  2. It's a vegetarian, ground meat replacement. You can find it in the cool section either in the vegetarian area of the veggie area of your grocery store. There's also a sausage version. I think it's made with textured vegetarian protein. It comes in a soft plastic wrap. It's a round tube shape about 7 or so inches long and about 3 inches diameter.

  3. A sharpie, never heard of it but it sounds good, as soon as the hot weather comes I'll be making a few of those.

  4. Linda,I call it a slurpie. It's just one of my own concoctions - real simple and very refreshing.