Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bisque on

Got the bisque kiln turned on around 6:30 this morning. The last plate never made it into the bisque, because I trashed it while slipping it; but I batched a couple of flashing slip tests and got them on tiles and dried outside, and they went in instead.

By afternoon, the flu symptoms hit me again, so I dropped the plan to clean kiln shelves and went to bed for an hour and a half nap. I perked up after the nap and Jim suggested we go out for dinner; so we wound up having another nice meal at the Tin Lizard with plenty of leftovers for Jim tonight. As for me, I'm opting for some of my home made, potato and cheese pierogis.

Time now for a rainy day, oatmeal breakfast and then to the studio to make some followup notes on some of the test tiles I have sitting out, and get them back in the boxes. After that I may be able to batch some glaze tests before the kiln makes it too warm to work in there.

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