Friday, February 11, 2011

Seed starting, citrus in bloom

We were out and about part of the morning and most of the afternoon with various shopping chores and a lovely lunch at the the Tin Lizard in Spruce Pine. Since we had a fairly big lunch we opted to just pick up some Won Ton soup and a couple of egg rolls for dinner.

If I didn't have seeds to buy, I would have stayed home and worked; but I wanted to get more onion and basil seeds and some perennials, and do some more grocery shopping. Walmart has all their seeds in stock as well as packaged bulbs and perennials. With the warmer weather coming in the next few days, I intend to plant the lily of the valley and cinnamon ferns, and do some more pruning.

When we got home I planted two small pots of Genovese and Thai basil, the new onion seeds and another variety of leek.

The basement smells divine, from one of the over wintered, citrus trees which is blooming. I can't put it outside, so I'm hoping I may be able to hand pollinate the flowers with a Q tip.

I did manage a few minutes of studio time to put the finishing touches on a teapot.The rest will have to wait till tomorrow. There's dinner, and a Netflix movie to watch and some sketching to do for the rest of today.

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