Thursday, February 03, 2011


Slipping and decorating is going slowly, as usual. I'm just about finished with half of this group of pots. I'm taking a risk with a new, Amoco, black under glaze which seems to be working smoother than the black decorating slip I usually use. I think this Amoco under glaze that Kyle Carpenter mentioned a while back so it should work at cone 10.

It took 3 hours for Ron the computer guy and I to get all 3 of my computers setup with the router. I'm now wireless. The only problem is that it's not accepting my code, but I can make it work by hitting the button on top of the router, which is upstairs. I'm probably going to get on the phone again tomorrow and see if they can find out why this isn't working.

Since the wireless setup took so long, the only studio time I got today was a few minutes to trim and wax a plate I threw late yesterday and take a photo for the blog.

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  1. I use amaco velvet(?) black underglaze. it's great stuff, super smooth to apply and it doesn't get all funny when blasted with salt.