Saturday, February 19, 2011

Soap dishes

Here's stage one of a couple of soap dishes with a very thick slip. It's the same slip I use on some jars and I thought that as a thicker mix, it might work well for a soap dish. Today I'll cut them into modified ovals. The next ones will be a big larger; but this size should work for those smaller, guest soaps, and maybe some others.

I spent the early part of my morning going through my old Rhodes book on kiln building and I'm thinking of having this cross draft rebuilt as a bit smaller sprung arch, which was my first gas kiln about 37 years ago. It would give me less space to fill, and give Jim and extra inches of space for any future car he would want.

Late morning we did a Walmart run. My old scallion seeds don't seem to want to sprout so I needed to get another package and pick up some organic potting soil and more seed starting mix. All my other onions and leeks have come up and are doing fine in the kitchen greenhouse window, and outdoors, my fall planted garlic is up about 4 inches. My parsley seems to have survived the winter as well.

Now that lunch is done I think I'll do some early dinner prep for a new Italian recipe of spicy eggplant and chicken and then head to the studio for a bit.

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