Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting afternoon

I made a fruit salad with almond cream for breakfast. It's a nice light, protein breakfast for this balmy February morning. To make almond cream just soak almonds in a lot of water, overnight for about 12 hrs. In the morning, pour off the old water, put almonds in a good blender, cover with water and puree (add more water as needed;but only enough to keep the almond cream moving while being blended. You can use as is, or add a bit of natural sweetener like Stevia, maples syrup, honey, etc.

Yesterday afternoon we did a Johnson City run for some food shopping at Earth Fare, followed by Lowe's and Home Depot stops for a few boxes of pansies, a grape vine and much needed bamboo shades for my studio. I love having one of my wheels and desk near the window, but I need to cut down on some of the glare so I can see my pots and read my computer screen.

We had an early dinner of Caesar salad and their fabulous Mussels (steamed in a lovely pernod, lemon, garlic and basil sauce) at Carrabas before heading back over the mountain.

I did get morning studio time yesterday and now I'm heading out to trim the last couple of plates and continue dipping and decorating. So much for my thinking I'd have all this done early in the week!

This afternoon I'll be busy planting the perennials before the later, expected rain arrives, and doing some much needed garden cleanup.


  1. This brings back memories of Deb and I in Israel trying to make the almond cream but not feeling we had the consistency right. Bowls and bowls of Almond cream in various states of mushyness everywhere. The fridge filled to the brim with almond cream, some almost liquod, some very crunchy and some in between. sigh. Those were good times.

  2. Have you finally figured out how to get the texture you want? The trick, as I said, is to just cover them with water, turn on the blender and add only enough water to keep them moving in the blender. You want a consistency of sour cream, or a bit thinner; but definitely not runny. Don't forget to soak them overnight, which softens them and plumps them up.
    We just finished another fruit salad with almond cream for lunch today.

  3. I'm going to try another batch and report back. It spring break next week and I am feeling almond cream-y.