Sunday, February 13, 2011

First seedlings of winter are up

The first leek seedlings sprouted overnight! Whahoo! I do love this time of year, with the promise of spring so close. Looks like we have a lovely day, but still coolish, so I'm putting off my outdoor planting till later in the week when we're expecting a couple of days in the low 60's.

We've been enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, catching up on email and snail mail, but I will get a few hours of studio time today before I start on tonight's roast chicken, mashed potato, honey ginger carrots dinner. Jim promises to open a really good Chardonnay as his contribution.

Right now I need to get a loaf of whole wheat started in the bread machine and then head to the studio. There's only one more pot to slip and about 3 to decorate. All should be dry enough for the bisque early next week.


  1. Our first leaks of spring are usually from melting ice on the roof.

  2. Now that is something to celebrate!!