Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Light studio chores today

Got all my little scraps of pot sketches sorted and filed, once yesterdays thunder storm passed and my little Jack Russell Bodhi, was no longer clinging to me, shaking uncontrollably.

I have a small "To do" list of light studio chores for today. First, I need to test the burners on my small Olympic gas kiln and if all is well, I'll try to get the kiln put together if I can do it alone. My husband is now dealing with the same flu symptoms I've had, as well as a badly pulled sacroiliac, so if I can't lift those kiln rings that job and re-firing soda pots from the last soda kiln firing, will just have to wait. The past couple of weeks I seem to be spending more time waiting to do things, than actually doing anything!

I also want to unload the bisque kiln and re-mix some of my liner glazes and touch up some soda pots that need re-firing.

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