Friday, March 04, 2011

Re-built bagwall

Got the bagwall re-built and cleaned out, which took quite a while since I had some fused brick that I had to chink out. I didn't mortar the bricks, just made a thickish slurry of 75 alumina oxide and 25 epk and slathered than on to keep them from sticking, in case I want to make later adjustments.

Found two more kiln shelves that I'll have to grind. I had to wedge up some clay and throw Jim another mug for this firing(I broke his favorite wood/soda fired oribe mug yesterday). I have the 6 tile slip that I used and hopefully I also have that Shaner Oribe on hand, otherwise I'll have to batch some in a few days or just use my new Oribe.

Glazing and decorating is also on today's "to do" list. Time to make breakfast and on to the studio.


  1. do you build these kiln stoves yourself with Jim?

  2. A neighbor and friend designed and built this soda kiln; but in the past I designed and part built other kilns. In this case, I just made, and am still making modifications to get this current kiln to fire more evenly.