Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to work after company leaves this morning

We've had a great visit with our daughter Erin and son-in-law Sven- had some excellent meals with good and great wines, enjoyed a night of song at friend Jim Stapleton's man cave with his "Sugar Daddy" band, and spent some lovely, quiet family time in between their tourist activities. We all look forward to Erin's joining the band for a few numbers every year- such a treat! Yesterday was their packing, and chilling out day. I gave them a demo of no knead bread making. Sven is getting into baking, and after tasting the sourdough pancakes and sourdough bread I made a couple of days ago, he decided that he'd like to try making his own starter.

The live starter I ordered from Breadtopia is doing well on day three and now I'm just feeding it to get it up to the amount I need to start baking. The other San Francisco starter that had been neglected, actually came to life again after almost two weeks of twice a day feedings. With the arrival of 3 more bread books this week, I'll have no lack of recipes to try.

Jim is driving Erin and Sven to Charlotte this morning for their flight to the west coast for the remainder of their vacation. After they leave, I'll be heading to the studio for the day, feeling blessed in so many ways. I watch the news for updates on the disaster in Japan, feeling so much compassion and at the same time feeling so helpless. I read Euan Craig's blog, see the destruction of his kiln, the damage to his home, and his choice to is evacuate Mashiko with his family to a safer place over the mountains with relatives, and wish I could somehow make it all better for all of them.

And I wonder if mankind will learn from this long term, or like so many past disasters, have a short burst of outrage, and then settle back into complacency.

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