Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has sprung

Our plum tree is in full flower this morning - so beautiful!

I checked on a couple of freshly thrown pots at daybreak and they should be ready for trimming later. One was a replacement for a bisqued and decorated bowl that broke yesterday, when I wheeled my chair back. I couldn't figure how that could happen, since the bowl was set back on the table, until I noticed that the back of the chair leans a bit and must have caught it. Lesson learned! Jim's been asking me to make us a butter dish, so I finally got around to it.

Yesterday morning was taken up with bread baking, so there wasn't much afternoon studio time. I cleaned out some old clay bags and dumped some old reclaim clay, and wet down some pretty dry bags of clay so they'd be soft enough to pug today or tomorrow. By the time I cleaned the wheel and swept the floor it was time to think about dinner. Half a day in the studio isn't enough time to accomplish very much.

There's a lot of reclaim I want to dump down the side of an eroded section of our property. Now that I've decided on one clay, and am finally using the pugmill, I don't want these clays taking up studio space and unless someone reading this wants a lot of free cone 10, reclaim and other clays, it will be used as erosion control. Most of it is in usable plastic state.


  1. Why don't you use it to build an oven?

  2. If I had the time, the energy and a younger body, I'd probably do that. In fact, I just got a little book on building an earthenware oven. Problem is I have many claybodies and it would be very labor and time intensive, to mix them all to get an even batch.