Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daffodils in bloom

I got an early start this morning and by 5am I had my other sourdough bread prepped and on it's second rise.

Yesterday's studio schedule changed when I realized I needed to do some grocery shopping for last nights pizza. When we got home a large mail order from an Italian grocery store needed to get unpacked - great timing, since the pepperoni arrived just in time for the pizza.

While at Walmart I also picked up some more compost and veggie starts, some of which I'm hoping to transplant this afternoon. Since I got such an early start on the bread, I'll be able to get a half a day in the studio before it warms up enough to do some planting.

While the bread is baking, I'm going to make a Jacques Pepin mushroom and leek soup to go with tonight's pierogi dinner. I received Pepin's cookbook "More Fast Food My Way", the other day and it looks like it has are some nice, not very time consuming recipes, which is what I'm looking for this time of year when garden, studio and kitchen are all competing for my time.


  1. So jealous!! Daffodils~ maybe in about 6 weeks for us! Thanks for the photos, something to look forward too :)

  2. June, my studio-mate from college and I read your blog, and we agree that you are our hero! You get more done than anyone I know. You are an inspiration to both of us!

  3. You're making me blush Karl! OOps, my bread buzzer just went off. Picture to follow soon.