Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bag wall re-build

That T shaped bag wall configuration in the last firing did not work in my cross draft, so this mornings job will be to rebuild it. Once that's done I'll batch up a few more glaze tests. Since it's going to be another nice day today, I might take an afternoon studio break to do a bit of garden pruning and cleanup. The day lilies are already up 3-4" and some tree are already budding, hopefully, not too soon.

Yesterday I got all 15 advancer and nitride bonded kiln shelves ground. I broke a good corner chunk off one of the advancers when trying to support it against my knee to grind the edge. I also batched up a few more glaze tests and got them on to test tiles. In spite of feeling tired, I felt good at the end of the day. I fell asleep during Top Chef (we watch it in bed), so I'll have to watch the re-run next week to find out what happened.

The San Francisco sourdough starter, which I started yesterday morning, came alive overnight in the heat box, and at 7 am it got it's first 12 hour feeding. These initial 12 hour feedings can take three days. Once the starters' foam and bubbles increase the mixture 2" after about 2-3 hours of the last feeding, it's done. I can't wait to try it!

Time to make the kielbasa and raisin toast breakfast and head to the studio.

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