Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Last nights pizza and pitiful loaf of bread

Last night was pizza and margarita night; and this morning I baked this pitiful looking loaf of no knead, dried cherries and pecan bread. It didn't rise overnight using the sourdough starter, so I added some instant yeast to it with a bit of water, which of course made the dough too wet even with a bit of extra flour added; but I decided to bake it anyway for the taste, knowing the texture is going to be off. It flopped badly when I put it in the hot pot, resulting in this homely looking loaf; but the taste it good, so the recipe is a keeper.

After 5 futile days of trying to bring old sourdough starters back to life, and wasting a lot of flour in the process, I dumped two of the jars yesterday and am still giving the other one a few more feedings for another couple of days while I wait for some fresh and some dried San Francisco sourdough starter I ordered yesterday. The fresh one will only need two day of feeding before it's ready, so I should be able to try some new recipes in another week or so.

There hasn't been time for the studio with a day used for food shopping and other chores, plus all that wasted time on the sourdough starter as well; but I'll get a good half day in there today.

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  1. June,

    OK I'm in the UK, but I have had sourdough in SF and I don't think that there is anything special about their starter. You can make one yourself withought buying anything and it will be all your own, and probably as good or better. I made mine in 5 days just using supermarket bread flour and tap water. It's been going strong for two years now and we have barely eaten any other type of bread in that time.

    Best wishes,