Friday, March 11, 2011

Non studio productivity

No studio time till the middle of next week when company leaves; but the house is super clean, animals are fed and exercised, new lettuce, broccoli raab, another kale variety, and rose campion seeds are planted, a new rye sourdough is started and the last of the other sourdoughs is fed (I'm not giving up on that one until the new one arrives and gets started!). I even found time to order some new seeds and write out some new recipes to try. I'm currently intrigued with some Peruvian recipes and will try them as soon as I get some of the unique hot, aji peppers called for in some of these dishes.

I'm also making headway with paper work and catching up with backed up reading material while I anxiously await this evening's arrival of our daughter and son-in-law who are flying in from Munich, Germany. Two days ago I promised them mild, sunny weather, which is what forecast. Wonder what they're going to think when they see this new, light covering of snow!

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  1. tell erin don't forget the video of her and jim singing when she has the chance.