Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Unloaded bisque

Here's my San Francisco sourdough starter, on it's first "wake up" leg. As per the instructions, I made a hole in a Styrofoam box, and put in a 25 watt bulb as the heat source. The starter has to be around 90F for 24 hrs to get it started; and then 12 hour feedings after that until it gets fully activated. Luckily I had this other dried starter on hand, after my other starters couldn't be revived. The person who sells this one swears that it's from the original, San Francisco starter. I'll soon find out if that's true or just a good marketing ploy.

Yesterday I got a full studio day, which wound up being too much for the first day back. I'm still wiped this morning. I spent 2 hours yesterday taking burners apart and cleaning them and still couldn't get the two main burners to turn on. I might give it another try this morning. I mixed three of my liners glazes and got the bisque unloaded and did a few other studio chores.

My Harbor Freight saw horse order is en route; but I don't think I want to wait for them before I start grinding these kiln shelves. This is the last sunny, warmish day for the next ten and I want to take advantage of it since I prefer when possible, to grind them outdoors; so I'll get my old throw pillow to sit on and get on with the job in the warmth of the afternoon.

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