Monday, May 03, 2010

The ramp hunt

It's been a busy couple of days. Friday I joined friends and we drove to Ram mountain, unloaded a four wheeler and buggy and headed up an old lumber road. There's no way a car could ever make it up that road, but those little vehicles had no problem. Here's Betty, Bruce and their friend Jim and our vehicles and the mountain shack that hunters, fishermen and ramp hunters use. The other photo is our friend Bruce, who was our cook for the day.

We passed wonderful rushing streams and fields of white and purple wildflowers. There were a couple of old, abandoned cabins and an old homestead with a collapsed log barn and some other remnants of the old homesteaders life. We finally arrived at their special ramp field and dug ramps for a couple of hours. Then we headed back down to the shack you see in the picture to start prepping lunch. Betty and I headed down to the stream to wash enough ramps for lunch and Bruce and his friend Jim peeled potatoes. Bruce fried bacon, then cooked the thin sliced potatoes in the bacon fat, added the sliced ramps, and then added a bunch of eggs. So we had this delicious potato, ramp and egg scramble with bacon, cornbread, beans, and sliced tomatoes. For dessert, I brought a bag of penny candy. It was a great day!

Saturday I was too tired to do any gardening, so Jim and I did some pick up food shopping and had lunch out. When we got home,  I spent what seemed like hours, cleaning my large bag of ramps. and yesterday I took about two dozen that I had set aside and planted them in our woods. Hopefully they will do well and in a couple of years they'll multiply enough so we can harvest our own. I'm glad it's a rainy day because I'm still tired! It will be a good day to catch up on my email and other paper work, feed my sourdough starter, and continue my research on greenhouses. Jim has decided that I really need one. I think he's tired of helping me carry all these seedling trays in and out for the past month!

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  1. I had to look up ramp; if you'd said allium I'd have known, lol. Looks like fun.