Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sad looking pizza

This sad looking, but tasty pizza was the result of me overshooting the kiln shelf it's baked it on, when I pushed the pizza off the peel. Cleaning the oven will be another job on today's "to do" list.

Yesterday was a mostly all day cooking day - oatmeal bread and pizza and margaritas for dinner - good activity for a rainy day when I'm down with a spring cold. I'm on my 3rd  round of antibiotics in a row for an eye infection. You'd think that a cold germ would head in another direction!

Suburban propane is filling up the propane tank and as soon as they leave I'm heading for the shower. The sun is shining this morning so I think I'll take a short stroll around the properly to see if the warmer evenings and rain the past few days have rewarded us with some morels. They're finding them in Asheville, since last week, so they should be showing up here soon. Problem is that you have to search for them and they don't always show up in the same place. A couple of years ago we got a quart of them less than 100 feet from the house and last year I couldn't find a single one.

After my short morel search, I'll try to plant some late arriving bulbs if I can muster up the energy. The garden and all these seedlings are still my major, time consuming project at the moment and will be until I can get caught up with the maintenance and planting in the next week or two.


  1. I don't think your pizza is sad looking, I think it's Delish....Yummmy!!!!!:)

  2. Thanks Pauline. It did taste good.